Daggerfall Unity Full Game Download Free (GoG)

Daggerfall Unity PC Game Full Version Free Download

Daggerfall Unity The ancient golem Numidium, a powerful weapon once used by the great Tiber Septim to unify Tamriel, has been found in Iliac Bay. In the power struggle that follows, the King of Daggerfall is murdered and his spirit haunts the kingdom. Emperor Uriel Septim VII sends his champion to the province of High Rock to put the king’s spirit to rest and ensure that the golem does not fall into the wrong hands. Daggerfall offers you an opportunity to adventure in total freedom within a world where your destiny is of your own making and consequence evolves from your decisions. A world of love and darkness, magic and sorcery. Whether you choose to follow a quest or to venture out alone, you will interact with thousands of people as you travel across an expansive land in a time of fantasy and imagination

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System Requirements Minimum:

System: Windows 7 or greater
Processor: A modestly capable CPU (Intel i3 or equivalent)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX11 capable (or OpenGL 3 capable) graphics card with 1GB video RAM and up-to-date drivers

System Requirements Recommended:

System: Windows 7 or greater
Processor: Intel i5 (or equivalent) and higher
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: GTX660 (or equivalent) and higher with 2GB of RAM


Daggerfall Unity Highly Compressed Game For PC Daggerfall Unity PC Game Download Download Daggerfall Unity Game For PC

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